*has haki
*smart very smart
*has a maimed wing
*has amnesia
*doesn’t know about his origins
*terrified of lightning
*has pure white wing
*very good with strategy


Saelic was thrown from his cloud city it was completely destroyed by a man. Later he was picked up and made a slave by evil Maxie. He was successful in murdering the evil captain with the help of two others Jory and Adelena. He now follows captain Carnation who is Adelena as her first mate and now is a pirate. Saelic is a brilliant man who invents beautiful and scary things out of almost anything and nothing. Saelic is terrified of lightning and has a feeling that his fear is due to how he got his amnesia. Currently he is trying to figure out what exactly happened but has found out where he came from has been destroyed. There are no survivors or so it seems. He sometimes has dreams
where he see’s flashes of yellow and white. He can see a mans face staring back at him like he was nothing. Those dreams cause him terrible physical pain especially in his maimed wing. He found out he is from the race Skypian’s but doesn’t quite know what it means.This man frightens him and he wants to regain control over his emotions. He continues to dig further in his past as much as he can. For now he will follow his captain and her crew hopefully stepping closer to the truth.


The crimson pirates *one piece* jotver