kari pella



*stays with jory in his quarters
*doesn’t speak but can make her notes bubble up into words like captions
*devil fruit user
*music bubble fruit
*very good stealth
*rogue like abilities
*can make bombs and whips with her notes


kari contracted an ear infection that caused her to go deaf. A few years later she was fishing
with her dad and saw a beautiful blue fruit she could feel vibrations from the fruit. After she ate it a sudden bad storm rushed in and top sized her boat. Seeing her fall in and not come back up a fellow fishermen came her to rescue. When she was brought up to shore and regained her strength lost from the water. She was able to hear what he was saying for the first time in 5 years. The fruit was the musical bubble note fruit. She can hear from far distance and it gave her the ability to break holes into solid structures with her note bombs.

kari pella

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