Jory jin Daniels



*male samurai with a bear mask
*smokes and drinks addicted
*kind and nimble
*will not break his promise to marry or cheat on her
*has a secret that he is a noble and hides his face under the mask
*the bear mask sometimes can become more real than mask
*refuses to lie and is loyal
*uses two sword style
*no devil fruit
*just a tad smarter than a regular person
*makes jokes
*chose to get rid of bounty hunter career and took navigator once he joined the crew
*is a crimson pirate


You meet Jory on your ship the first time he helped Brandon’s character with the evil Maxie
pirate slaver. After joining the crew he chose to quit his bounty hunting and became the ship navigator. Jory had a normal childhood without much adventure he always swore
to himself that he would go on grand adventures. His parents never really discouraged it
they simply told him. “All males in our family want to leave on adventures rather than staying a noble it has always been done. They always come back home after they have
had their fill.” He has been told stories from as far as they can remember the men always
come back home to continue the blood line. Jory chooses to hide his true noble status with the bear mask he isn’t recognized by the people. At birth he has had a girl promised to him for marriage he has never met her and has no idea what shes like but he chooses to keep faithful until that day. He actually has a twin named jack at home that didn’t like the idea of
dirtying himself with the regular folk. His brother is gay and was also given a wife at birth. After coming out to his mother and father. They decided because he had a twin this lifestyle was acceptable. He will not be forced to marry a woman and has no pressure to marry at all. Besides his brother being a little spoiled when it comes down to it he is quiet and thoughtful also kind just like his brother Jory. He appears to be older at least mentally than the jokester Jory. Jory likes to hum tunes and dance especially when the Captain plays her violin he loves music.

Jory jin Daniels

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