Adelena D Carnation

Pirate captain


*lemonade fuel
*was raped by her capture she doesn’t like being touched
*she was a slave for a brief period of time
*she is captain of the crimson pirates
*she let Brandon’s character pick the name of the boat.


Adelena was born with a rare muscular disease she had to have her legs and hands removed
at birth. Her parents being fairly wealthy decided that they would have her fitted with cybernetics. She was always grateful for this and treats her family with love and kindness.
She likes to invent things use steam to fight. She also likes to play musical instruments in fact
she plays the violin and uses it as a weapon. Adelena would like to use her steam power to power the boat she would also like to fly in the sky one day.

Adelena D Carnation

The crimson pirates *one piece* meraevol